Hi, I’m Doriane, and this is the story behind Ô Mes Dames.

I initially created this brand with my best friend early 2019. We actually knew nothing about fashion, fabrics or sewing, it was a huge challenge but we did manage to create a cool first collection together and raise 10k€ to launch it. But we quickly separated (in excellent terms don’t worry) as she found her true passion in the process and became a famous tattoo artist ( you can check her insta : @noiredeligne).

I started selling on markets in July 2019, which was pretty hard and lonely. I then decided to organize pop up stores in Bordeaux with other little brands from around and it was so much more fun to meet and work with this many people sailing on the same ship.

In May 2020, I opened a shop for 5 months with some of my favorite brands/people I had met.

Today, October 2020, I’m launching a collab with @cynthiabgc. We met for the first time about a year ago, for business, but 5 minutes into the meeting it already felt like we knew each other for ever. You’re not done hearing about her and me !

Ô Mes Dames is my baby, my heart and soul. I loooove meeting women everyday who could actually be not only my clients but my friends ! The community I’m creating through my chillwear but also through the values of fun and chill is everything to me.

Thanks for being a part of it

xxx Doriane